Custom Designs

Whether your design is for a commercial planter or a small table top planter we can work with you to ensure each design meets your specifications. Discover what a custom planter can do to enhance your commercial or residential design plans today by clicking below to get started.

Large Commercial Fiberglass Planters

No two commercial design projects are the same and at Tau Manufacturing we offer unique custom designs that stay proprietary to the designer. Large planting containers and lightweight planters are our specialty. 

Custom Planters

Whether you need a row of large planting containers to align with a group of outdoor benches, or you need a singular large fiberglass planter to act as a focal point for a dramatic floral arrangement, we can accommodate your project. Inside or outside, the heavy duty reinforced glass fiber is designed to stand up to the toughest elements out there, including challenging climates, uneven placements or even pedestrian traffic like leaning and sitting.