Our Story

Tau Manufacturing Employees

Tau Manufacturing Employees

Tau Manufacturing began with a shared passion and vision between our co-founders, Jason Smith and Aaron Morelli, to create an innovative and socially conscious business that balances commercial strategies with human and environmental well-being. Our business model is built on Jason’s broad industry experience in North America and Asia, which has provided an extensive network of reliable trade links of customers, suppliers, and contacts. Jason has a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Miami and 14 years experience in quality management and manufacturing. In 2012 he moved to Vietnam and opened a manufacturing facility to produce home and garden products for customers in the Americas. After recognizing the demand for this factory and the need for cost-effective and quality manufacturing of composite material products he collaborated with Aaron Morelli to establish Tau Manufacturing and market its goods and services around the world. Aaron has degrees in International Business and Marketing from Penn State University and speaks French, Spanish, and German. His background is in international marketing and communications and he has worked in sales for a Fortune 100 company. Their complementary skills and experiences coupled with a shared idea created an obvious synergy between the two that led to the establishment of Tau Manufacturing.


About Us

Tau Trading and Manufacturing Company designs, creates, and delivers handmade high-quality composite material products for businesses around the world. Our engineering and design team works closely with our customers to provide them with 3D rendered models of their design concepts before production. We provide innovative manufacturing and supply chain solutions to a diverse customer base across various industries. We are an American corporation based outside of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our business provides clients with the perfect fusion of American and Vietnamese business practices: we guarantee American standards whilst harnessing the cost benefits of manufacturing in Vietnam. Furthermore, our customers have the peace of mind knowing that their purchases are protected under the U.S. Uniform Commercial Code.

When meeting the needs of our customers, we are committed to fair pricing and achieving the highest standards of quality and reliability. We strongly value innovation, look for ways to improve our business, and nurture a culture that embraces our motto: Engineered for Quality. This continuous improvement approach helps to develop innovative methods to enhance the quality of our business and thus our ability to remain competitive. 

People are the cornerstone of our business. At Tau Manufacturing we are devoted to abiding by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we strive to create mutually beneficial relationships with customers, suppliers, and our staff. We are proud of our close ties with Vietnam and as a part of our professional and ethical responsibility we are always seeking ways to further enrich the lives of our employees: we support community development while respecting local cultures and values. Improving the lives of our employees not only facilitates their personal growth but, in turn, it ensures consistency and quality in our workforce. We partner with various local organizations that align with our company’s values to deliver high-impact development projects which work towards long term betterment in the lives of our staff and the communities in which they live.

We have the foundation required to deal with the changing needs of our customers and the flexibility to rapidly respond to evolving market trends. The combination of our experience and versatility ensures our ability to forge long-lasting, prosperous relationships with our clients.