Care & Maintenance

Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations and our planters require a little care and maintenance. Here's our guide on how to keep your plant pot looking beautiful both today, and into the future.

  • Strictly use lightweight potting soil when planting to avoid any damage such as bowing or cracking.
  • To maintain the best look to your planter, wash regularly and lightly wax the surface.
  • Use a wash cloth and warm soapy water as needed.
  • Avoid using materials which may scratch your planters such as steel wool or other abrasive sponges.
  • If you desire a glossy or high polish look you may also wax your planters. Ensure that your plant containers are very clean before applying an automotive wax to its surface.

More Information

It is very important to only use potting soil formulated for planters and container gardening. This is usually, but not always, a mixture of soil and peat but can vary according to mixture. To ensure you are using the correct type of potting soil for your plant(s), check with a professional to determine the correct regional and plant specific soil to be used.

Additionally, if you are using your planter outdoors it is necessary to drill sufficient drainage holes to allow excess water to drain from the planter. Heavier soil, sand, and “earth” absorb and retain more water which can apply strong pressure to the walls of the planter and cause structural damage in large sized planters. Improper installations and other forms of misuse may void the product warranty.

If you are using your planters indoors, drainage holes are not recommended.

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