Are You Taking Proper Care of Your Plants?

Benefits of Using Planters

Using a planter for your plants can help improve their lifespan.

Using a planter for your plants can help improve their lifespan.

Whether your gardening purpose is to create a miniature container garden or add a design element to your commercial or residential space, there are many benefits to using fiberglass planters. Planters let you garden where soil isn't available, define walkways, brighten up your outdoor space, or create privacy in a restaurant or business. Fiberglass’ lightweight yet durable structure allows for you to change the layout of your landscape easily and frequently. As the seasons and the sun’s position change you can move your plant to best fit its needs. Additionally as some flowers bloom you can reposition them into the spotlight and return them when they are finished blooming. The lifespan of your plans will increase because planters made from fiberglass are non-porous and prevent soil from drying out quickly. For a full list of benefits visit our Why Composite Materials page.

It is important to remember, however, when planting in a container the plant’s life is more dependant on you than its natural environment to provide it with the necessities to live. They are in a limited amount of soil, their root growth is restricted, and the plants are exposed to elements far more than if they were field grown. To maintain a healthy plant you must pay close attention to the plant’s watering and feeding requirements.

Picking a Planter

It’s usually best to choose the planter before deciding on what you’re going to plant. Pair your plant pot with a style that matches either your home or commercial space. Some shapes look great on stone patios or defining the front entry of a formal house, while more geometric shaped planters complement modern design. The finish of your planter can also determine which variety of plant life will look best. Neutral and more natural finishes draw attention to some plants where more vivid and vibrant finishes will emphasize the planters themselves.

If your plant will remain outdoors it is necessary to have drainage holes to prevent over-watering and the roots from becoming waterlogged. Our best tip for easy planting is choosing a large container. Large containers have larger soil volume so the plants won't need to be watered as often.  More soil also means your plants can grow a bigger root system. After you choose the right planter it’s time to choose the best plant life. For more tips on container gardening read our 6 Tips & Tricks for Container Gardening post!

Choosing the Right Plants

Contemporary Plant Containers.png

Talking with the staff of your local garden center is the best way to learn about the living requirements of your plants you choose. However, work with your designer to determine plants that accent your space. Consider the climate, microclimate, water needs, and placement in the landscape when choosing plants. Ideally, you should choose plants that are adapted to local rainfall.


Decide on the location of the planter before adding soil because it may be too heavy to move after filling. A light potting medium is your best choice and can usually be found at home improvement or gardening stores. Do not fill any planter with topsoil from your current yard or garden as it may damage the container over time. Before adding potting soil line the bottom of your container with 1-2” of small pebbles. Then place a coffee filter (or landscape fabric) over the top. Fill the pot to just below 3 inches of the rim. Avoid using garden soil because it compacts in large containers, which prevents proper root growth and drainage. Finally, cover the soil with a 1-inch layer of mulch. This layer helps prevent water loss from evaporation and provides an attractive covering until the plants are able to fill out the pot.

Watering & Maintenance

Do not fill your planter completely with water as it may damage the container. The biggest cause of death to container grown plants is over-watering and drowning. If you do not drill drainage holes you can add a layer of gravel below the soil, but watering must be monitored more closely. Also, pay attention to the seasons and rotate or rearrange your planters to best fit the changing sunlight. Check the soil moisture in the pot daily and water it when the top inch of soil feels dry.

Fertilizer is essential for having healthy plants.  The easiest way to provide fertilizer to your plants is to incorporate a slow release fertilizer into the soil when you plant your container.  If you buy an already planted container or if you forgot to incorporate the fertilizer, you can top-dress (spread the fertilizer on top of the soil) with it.  Slow-release or controlled release fertilizers will generally provide nutrition for 2 to 3 months. For more detailed questions feel free to contact our support staff here.

Lunar New Year Company Party

Toasting to the Lunar New Year at our company party.

Toasting to the Lunar New Year at our company party.

Our company continues to grow and we're looking forward to what the new year has in store for Tau Trading & Manufacturing Company. This week we held a Lunar New Year party for our staff and celebrated the end of the year with great food and many laughs.

Showcasing some of our most recent products.

Showcasing some of our most recent products.

Posted on March 1, 2016 .

Vietnam's Tet 2016

As the country prepares for the Vietnamese New Year (Tết or Vietnam's version of Lunar New Year), streets are coming alive with festive colors, loads of people, and Ho Chi Minh is transforming into a beautiful display of culture and tradition. 

One of the many decorative displays throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

One of the many decorative displays throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Tết is considered to be the biggest and most popular festival of the year lasting up to 7 days. It's an opportunity for Vietnamese to get rid of the back luck from the past year and welcome the new year with luck and good fortune. Also, this is a privileged occasion for families to reunite, celebrating a new year which has come together, and saying farewell to the previous one.

If you are lucky enough to be in country during this holiday, expect some good fortune in the form of Lucky Money (Li Xi). As odd numbers are superstitiously bad luck, small gifts of money in decorative red envelopes are given to children of your friends and family in even denominations to ward off evil spirits and give good luck.

A display of Li Xi, Vietnam's lucky money.

A display of Li Xi, Vietnam's lucky money.

It's an amazing time to be in the country or to be travelling throughout South East Asia. Happy New Year from TT&M in Vietnam! Chúc mừng năm mới!

A street in Saigon as the country prepares for its biggest festival of the year.

A street in Saigon as the country prepares for its biggest festival of the year.

Posted on January 29, 2016 .

Why We Chose Vietnam and Why One Day You'll Probably Visit

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Most everyone’s first question is: Why are you based in Vietnam? Well, it’s an easy but complex answer. Each of our fiberglass planters are handmade and require hours and hours of molding, sanding, and finishing by highly skilled artisans. Bloomberg Business reported that in 2015 “[Vietnam] became the biggest exporter to the U.S. among the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or Asean.” Additionally, since acceding to the World Trade Organization in 2007, Vietnam has undertaken a comprehensive program of regulatory reforms in manufacturing and exports. This allows us to utilize the country’s highly skilled workforce and the highest international manufacturing and product quality standards of the WTO, EU and US. 

As a new resident of Vietnam, it’s been an amazing experience from the beginning. Vietnam has some of the best street food and people travel from all over the world to get a taste of Pho (Phở). From the gorgeous northern rice fields in Sapa:

Sapa, Vietnam

to the bustle of Ho Chi Minh City in the south, Vietnam is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people. We say that you’ll probably visit one day because the country is expanding very rapidly and everywhere you look there are new buildings, new places to visit, and more and more people visiting each year. It’s a great tourist destination, beautiful place to live, and ultimately an amazing opportunity to invest in the country and its people.

Posted on January 26, 2016 .