Our Business


To achieve the highest manufacturing standards when meeting the needs of our customers, through competitive pricing, reliable delivery, and quality products made from composite materials. We will protect our customers' interests and guarantee conformity with international business and ethical standards.


We will maintain our commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer satisfaction through practices that balance our commercial, social, and environmental goals to create a long-lasting, sustainable business for the benefit of our stakeholders.


We Collaborate

We work closely with our clients throughout each stage of the process from concept, to design, to delivery in order to meet the specific needs of their businesses.

We are able to work with existing designs, or TT&M’s creative team is able to use the latest 3D CAD Design software to evolve our customers’ concepts into tangible products. Our team works hand-in-hand manufacturing our products, monitoring quality at every stage in the process, and ensuring that our products arrive as expected, on time, every time. At TT&M, our sales team are all native English speakers and we are able to communicate with customers in French, Spanish, and German. Our goal is to always build long-lasting relationships through clear, effective, and timely communication and trust. 

We Produce

Engineered for quality is at the heart of our business and is shown through our rigorous quality control standards in our production process.

Our experience in industrial design guarantees that each and every product is engineered for quality, and as such, quality is incorporated into every stage of the process. Our skilled craftsmen hand-produce each unit using the highest grade materials and our Quality Control team is trained to be meticulous about inspecting products; this ensures the final product is both timeless in its beauty and longevity.  We have a factory with flexible production capacity and are able to produce a range of designs. We ensure that the product you order is the product that is delivered.

We Innovate

We are constantly educating ourselves on new manufacturing methods to raise the standard in composite material manufacturing.

Innovation and continuous improvements are at the heart of our operation. We create products and design systems that optimize function, value, and appearance for the mutual benefit of our company and our customers. Our company attends major international trade and design shows to stay up-to-date on emerging trends and manufacturing techniques. Our R&D department develops new finishing techniques, more efficient uses of our raw materials, creative ways to reduce costs, and methods of improving productivity.

We Deliver

We offer full-service logistic support and ensure that the safe delivery of your products is made effortlessly. 

Our manufacturing facility is perched along one of the world’s most crucial shipping routes and we have an experienced logistics team exporting to the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Our products ship from the Port of Saigon, Vietnam. We offer customizable logistic support and are available six days a week to assist our customers.