Fibrelite Cement

Lightweight Cement Planters

Lightweight Cement Planters

Lightweight Cement Planters


Fiber Reinforcement for Cement

Our custom engineered Fibrelite Cement™ is a unique composite material that closely resembles cement planters with only 1/3 the weight*. The natural and unique look to these planters are due to our innovative manufacturing process using Japanese and European technology. Incorporating fiberglass strands with cement creates a product with moisture resistance and greater flexibility. We handmake each of our products in an array of designs, composition, and sizes, from small flower boxes to large commercial planters.

  • Natural Finish

  • Scratch Resistant

  • Lightweight

  • Frost Resistant

  • Cost Effective

  • Custom Designs


Porous Finishes

Marble White


Terra Grey

Asphault Black


Pearl White


Granite Grey


Obsidian Black


Semi-Rough Finishes


Large Outdoor Planters

Our plant containers are highly durable, will not rust or rot, and are simply beautiful. They resemble GFRC planters and are perfect for outdoor areas with high traffic. Its cement outer layer is available both in a smooth and porous finish, creating a stone like planter that’s easily movable and cost effective to manufacture.

Large Cement Planters

Large Cement Planters

Fiber Cement Planters

Fiber Cement Planters


Fiber Cement Manufacturers

Fibrelite Cement™ combines the high strength of glass fibre with the rigidity of cement. We are proud to offer all of our product designs in our unique fiber cement composite material. This lightweight alternative is especially great for large cement planters and makes it safer and easier to handle on site. Our cement planters are handmade and crafted by skilled artisans with years of experience in their respective fields.