Bring Your Designs to Life


We work closely with our clients throughout each stage of the process from concept, to design, to delivery in order to meet the specific needs of their businesses. We are able to work with existing designs, or TT&M’s creative team is able to use the latest 3D CAD Design software to evolve our customers’ concepts into tangible products.

From Concept


To Delivery


To Delivery



Fast Turnaround

Contact our sales team and get a quotation on your custom designs within 48 hours. We offer technical drawings and renderings of each design to provide an accurate quote. 


Extra Large Commercial Planters

Create lightweight and durable large planters for housing trees in resorts, courtyards, parks, businesses or other large outdoor spaces.


Custom Packaging Options

Each of our products come with standard 6 side foam packaging and custom packaging options are available upon request.


Low Molding Costs

Our handmade molding technique produces a very high quality, long lasting, and unique mold for each design. Low molding costs provide our customers with fast and realistic way to bring very unique designs to life without large investment costs. Contact us today to bring a new design to life.

Other Opportunities: