6 Tips & Tricks for Container Gardening

Welcome! If you’re looking to start your own container garden you’ve found the right place. Here are some great tips our team has gathered to start your own container garden and improve the quality of your plant life.

1. Eggshells

This old wives' tale proves to be true! Calcium helps to maintain the chemical balance in soil and can help improve water penetration. This chemical plays a vital role in your plant’s health. For a great calcium boost, grind eggshells into a powder and sprinkle it over the potting soil of your container garden. 

2. Use Slow Release Fertilizer

Potting soil does not come with the nutrients your plants need to live. To extend the life of your plants in a container garden use a slow release fertilizer to feed your plants and help them grow. Organic potting soil and fertilizer are your best options as they do not harm the natural organisms found in soil. Synthetic fertilizers, like Miracle-Gro, work very well but after using a synthetic fertilizer you must continue to use a this kind. After using a slow release fertilizer, continue to add a liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks.

3. Vegetable Cooking Water

Another way to improve the health of your plant is to use the leftover water from when you cook vegetables to fertilize the soil. This water contains a lot of nutrients that your garden thrives on. First wait for the water to cool down, and then use it to water your plants that day.

4. Read and Save Your Plant Tags!

Plant tags provide a lot of information about your plant’s living conditions and how to maintain it. Our favorite trick is to use a smartphone app like Evernote or take pictures of each tag for an easy-access future reference. 

5. Coffee Filters & Drainage

To prevent your drainage holes from clogging line the bottom of your container with 1-2” of small pebbles. Then place a coffee filter (or landscape fabric) over the top before adding potting soil to allow the water to still drain but prevent the soil from leaving the planter.

6. Give Basil a Pinch!

Most leafy herbs, especially basil, respond well to physical stimulation promoting new leaf growth. Pinching the upper portion of your herb stems off helps encourage dormant buds to produce new leaves. 

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